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“Light Control”, Escapees, July/August 2002

Combining its blackout drapery lining fabric with a patented, innovative magnetic closure, Roc-lon® TLC™ (Total Light Control) offers an energy-efficient insulating barrier, total privacy, noise reduction, as well as the darkness necessary for a good night’s sleep.
“So many people are looking for natural, healthful solutions to getting better sleep. In addition, the insulating properties against heat and cold give it added appeal. In fact, the TLC™ system helps pay for itself in energy savings,”says Darlene Sanders, product manager of the Roc-lon® TLC™ division.
Available in white or ecru poly/cotton fabric, the TLC™ blackout drapery liner is a ready-made product that is sold at select retail locations. Custom fabric is sold in some fabric stores starting at $5.99 per yard.
For more information, call 888-880-SLEEP, or e-mail

“Blackout Drapery Liner”, Family Motor Coaching, August 2002

Roc-lon® TLC™ (Total Light Control) blackout fabric drapery liner is said to attach to the back of an existing drapery. A hidden magnetic center closure snaps the liner shut and prevents outside light from filtering through. According to product literature, this creates a perfect sleeping environment and also makes great privacy curtains for the separation of sleeping and living areas in a motorhome. In addition, the blackout curtains insulate against heat and cold for comfort and energy conservation.
The drapery liners are available in white or ecru polyester/cotton fabric and can be used alone or attached to the back of existing window treatments. The blackout liners have loops for instant attachment over drapery hooks and can be used with any window treatment, including pinch pleat, tab-top, and pole-top draperies.
For more information, contact:
Roc-lon TLC Division
P.O. Box 17293
Baltimore, MD 21297
(888) 880-7533

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