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Checker Board & Checker Bag Instructions


Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™ – White
20” square for game board
6” square for bag for game pieces
9 yards of ¼” wide checked ribbon
*1 roll of ¼” wide fusible web of your choice (specific product shown listed below)
Red and Black acrylic paint
Clear acrylic spray paint – non-yellowing
Paint brushes
Fray Block®
Rotary cutter
Quilters ruler
Purchased checkers


Using the pencil and ruler, draw a 16” x 16” square within the 20” piece of cloth. Divide the 16” square into 64 small 2” squares. In other words, divide it into 8 – 2” squares across by 8 – 2” squares down. Beginning in the lower left hand corner, paint the square red. Alternate with black, red and so on as you go across the first row. Begin the next row with black. Alternate with red, black and so on as you go across the second row. Repeat this pattern for the rest of the squares. Since there will be ribbon separating the rows and squares, there is no need to tape the squares before painting. Just be careful not to run the colors together too closely! When you are finished painting, spray entire game board with clear acrylic paint. Apply 2 coats, allowing to dry in between coats. Apply Steam-a-Seam® to the wrong side of 8 yards of the ribbon, following manufacturer’s instructions. Remove paper backing. Beginning on one side, center ribbon on one vertical line. Trim to fit. Fuse in place, following manufacturer’s instructions. Continue with the next vertical line and so on until all vertical lines are covered. Then fuse the horizontal lines. Apply Fray Block® to all exposed ribbon ends to prevent fraying. Spray entire board with acrylic paint one more time. Allow to dry. Using the quilters ruler and rotary cutter, trim border of the game board to about 2” or as you desire. Fold 1/2 yard of the remaining checked ribbon in half. Stitch the fold of this piece to one side of the game board. Roll the board up from the opposite side and tie it in place with the ribbon.


Fold one side of the cloth down 1”. Press lightly. Stitch close to the raw edge of the folded end. This is the casing for the ribbon. Fold the cloth in half so that the casing is at the top of the bag. Stitch the side seam using a ¼” seam allowance, beginning just beneath the casing. Stitch across the bottom using ¼” seam allowance. Turn right side out. Insert the remaining ½ yard of ribbon through the casing. Knot ends. Decorate the outside of the bag with small red and black squares. Store checkers in bag.

*Steam-a-Seam® fusible web

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