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The company was founded as Rockland Bleach and Dye Works in 1832 by three brothers from England, James, Robert and John Wright, in the  Rockland Historic District of Brooklandville, an area of present-day Baltimore, and is recorded as the oldest corporation in Baltimore County. Rockland Bleach and Dye Works produced premier cotton and Irish woolens that were used all over the United States. America’s emergence into the textile industry offered potential for this plant and almost 200 years later, Rockland is celebrated as one of the foremost leaders in textile manufacturing, recognized in both national and international markets. Since our inception, quality has been the hallmark of our manufacturing, which has established the Roc-lon® brand as the label of choice for textile products across the globe. Today, extensive Research and Development efforts have created innovative, functional, and unique products for residential and commercial use.

Corporate headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland.

Manufacturing facilities are in Bamberg, South Carolina.

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