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Why Roc-lon® Drapery Lining Fabrics?

The quality.  The word “quality” at Rockland has two different facets: the quality of the finished product and the quality of the ingredients that go into making it. Roc-lon® fabrics are known as the best quality in the world, and as a US manufacturer, Rockland is held to the highest standards. The ingredients and products that make up Roc-lon® products, are safe, of superior quality, and best in class.

The look. Adding a Roc-lon® lining to a face fabric provides more fullness and body to pleats and folds due to the extra layering of fabric.  Rockland offers decorative flexibility through a multitude of design choices.

The protection. Rockland has a variety of finishes that add layers of protection to your furnishings. Whether it’s a water repellent finish to prevent damage from condensation, a blackout coating to block light and harmful UV rays or a fire retardant finish for commercial applications, there’s a solution for any need.

The performance.  Roc-lon® blackout, the ultimate performance fabric, provides 100% light blocking, thermal insulation, noise dampening and UV protection. Linings also greatly extend the life of draperies.

The cost savings. The air pockets in the extra layering that drapery linings provide insulate windows, blocking solar heat gain during the summer or in warm climates and reducing drafts during the winter. Roc-lon® drapery linings help save on heating and air conditioning costs.

The privacy. Roc-lon® drapery linings range from semi-opaque to 100% blackout, allowing you to choose your own level of privacy.

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