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Daisy Purse

By Pat McIntosh©





Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™
12” X 24”
Donna Dewberry Fabric
Westminster Fibers #DD16 – Daisy Border
Plaid® FolkArt® Fabric Paints:
Wicker White
School Bus Yellow
Thicket and Gold
Plaid® Mod Podge® Matte
Plaid® Simply® Laser Stencils #28029
Plaid® Stencil Brush – 4 ea. – Size ¼”
Plaid® Donna Dewberry One Stroke™ Brushes –
#8 Round & ½” Scruffy
Beacon Adhesives: Fabric-Tac™
Hook & Loop – Closure


  • Cut out a portion of the fabric that contains two of the white daisies and at least seven leaves. Coat the back of the fabric with Mod Podge® and let dry completely. Once dry, cut out in detail. (Note: Applying Mod Podge® to the back of the fabric before detailed cutting will not only make the cutting easier, but will help deter fraying.) Adhere the flowers to the front flap of the purse by applying more Mod Podge® to the back of the flowers, placing them on the bag and then applying Mod Podge® on the top of the fabric, making sure to extend the Mod Podge® beyond the petals onto the bag. Don’t worry, this will dry clear and matte in appearance. You will adhere the leaves later. Cut the flap in a decorative fashion, if you so desire.
    Divide the bag into thirds. Stencil the saying on the center third portion of the bag, leaving room for a daisy to be painted on each side. Paint one large daisy to the right of the saying by first loading the Scruffy brush with School Bus Yellow and pounding the center of the flower. Then pick up Thicket on one side of the brush without cleaning the brush and pounce along the bottom of the flower center. Immediately load the #8 Round brush with Wicker White and pull a comma stroke at nine o’clock and three o’clock. This sets the stage for the rest of the strokes. Finish adding strokes along the bottom getting a little longer as you reach six o’clock. For the top of the flower, the strokes get a little shorter as you reach 12 o’clock. Please notice the strokes on the right side are painted from right to left with the left side from left to right. As you near the center, the strokes become almost straight. (See photo)
    Paint the daisy on the left with the center the same as the first flower, but start the strokes at eight o’clock and 4 o’clock and only paint the bottom petals. This flower appears “spent” or droopy as a half flower. Let dry completely before adhering the leaves to the purse in the same way you applied the flowers to the flap. Also paint the ¼” border along the bottom edge of the purse.
    Using the Fabri-Tac™, run a bead of glue from the bottom of the bag on each side to the two-thirds mark. Immediately fold up the bottom to meet the two-thirds mark and secure sides with paper clips until dry. This usually only takes about 15 minutes for a bond to form.
    Adhere a hook and loop closure to the bag and the flap.
    Enjoy your creation.
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