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Rockland measures the blackout properties of its fabrics with a light that has an intensity of 160,000 lux. As a comparison, the sun, at its brightest intensity of the day, emits 120,000 lux. There are other products that claim to be “blackout”, but light is visible through their fabrics. That’s why Roc-lon® blackouts are described as being “100% blackout”. When it’s a Roc-lon® blackout, it will be 100% of the light.

It’s important because numerous studies have shown that even the smallest amount of light can negatively impact a person’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is critical to a person’s health and performance. Most hospitality installations require that guestrooms have a blackout drapery at the window for the comfort and convenience of their guests, and Rockland ensures that that drapery is truly 100% blackout. 

Many residential users in areas of strong sun concentration (such as near a large body of water, high altitudes, or wide open spaces with nothing to block light and heat) need to stop the damaging effects of UV rays to protect their expensive fabrics and furnishings and reduce their heating and air conditioning costs. Children, seniors, and shift workers who require a darkened sleeping area during normal daylight hours need the ability to completely control the light entering their bedrooms.

Other people who benefit from 100% blackout fabrics:

* Hospital personnel, pilots, police, firefighters, military and transportation personnel who work shifts
* Seniors who need to maintain a good quality of life and good health
* Infants who have not yet developed a proper sleep cycle, as well as their parents
* Students who keep irregular hours
* Patients who need sufficient amount of rest to recover
* EVERYONE who requires a good day’s or good night’s sleep. Anyone who wants to have more energy and to live healthier and longer.

While the drapery could be made with the fabric side facing the window, the preferred direction would be foam side to the window. This allows the face fabric to be protected from moisture and sun damage, as the foamed side will block all UV rays from penetrating through the cloth.

Rockland has a robust range of blackout linings and decorative blackout fabrics for drapery, roller shade, commercial and residential applications, prepared-for-print blackout base cloths, and more.

Rockland is the only blackout mill in the U.S.A., coating and finishing every single yard in our Bamberg, South Carolina facility.

  • Rockland’s blackouts are truly 100% blackout… not 99%, not 85%
  • The Roc-lon® brand is the most requested and recognized blackout fabric in the world
  • Meets all criteria under U.S.A. and EU Regulations of hazardous materials
  • Unlike other mills, Rockland’s laboratory creates custom formulas for the chemicals and polymers used in its blackout foam to create the safest and highest quality blackout fabric in the world.
  • Formulated with a proprietary acrylic foam formulation that will not crack, peel or bubble, and offers superior protection from “cold cracking.”

All Rockland blackout fabrics are available in either fire retardant (FR) or non-fire retardant (NFR) versions. Roc-lon® fire retardant blackouts pass all applicable Federal, State, and Local fire codes, including current State of California and City of Boston, as well as numerous international standards, including British BS 5867, CAN/ULC-S109-03, German B1 and French M1. All fire retardant Roc-lon® blackouts are certified and meet NFPA 701 and IMO flame propagation standards. A certificate of flame resistance is mailed with your invoice specific to the actual production lot of goods you receive.

For more information and sample certificates, click here.

All Roc-lon® blackout fabrics are available in 54″/137 cm and 110″/280 cm.

Custom and wider widths are available for quantity orders. Please contact your Rockland Mills selling agent for details or send a request to

Rockland’s blackout linings are available in White and Ivory face fabric and White and Ecru color foam options. Rockland’s decorative blackouts are available in dozens of stock colors and designs. Our custom print department is equipped to handle any custom color or design request.

All 54″ /137 cm width blackout linings are packed 6 rolls per carton, with a one carton minimum. All 110″ /280 cm width blackout linings are individually boxed, with a one carton minimum. All decorative blackout, whether 54″/137 cm or 110″/280 cm, have a one roll minimum, also.

The following are ways to minimize holes when sewing Roc-lon® blackout fabric:

Use a straight stitch.
Use a maximum of 5 to 6 stitches per inch.
Use a Mercerized COTTON or a Texturized Polyester thread when sewing blackout lining. These threads tend to plug up needle-holes.
Use a Teflon Needle – Teflon needles will not heat up as much as others. (excessive heat can cause bigger holes).
Use Loose Tension – this eliminates making oval shaped holes in blackout while sewing.
Use a “French seam” or “over-lap stitch” to eliminate needle-holes on seam stitches. These types of stitches work wonders and provide a “custom look” to the finished drapery.

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