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Flowers & Butterfly Purse

By Pat McIntosh©






Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™ – White 12”x27”
Donna Dewberry Fabric
Westminster Fibers #DD16, Daisy Border
Plaid® FolkArt® Fabric Paints:

4404 Berry Wine
4408 Pure Orange
4412 Yellow Ochre
4414 Yellow Light
4416 Fresh Foliage
4421 Brilliant Blue
4425 Lavender

Plaid® Simply® Laser Stencils – #28046
Plaid® Stencil Décor®
6 – Stencil Brushes – ¼” #34028
1 – Stencil Brush Cleaner – #26256
1 – Stencil Tape – #34002
Plaid® Art Materials – 1” sponge brush – #1530
Plaid® Mod Podge®
Pentel® Gel Roller for Fabric – Black
¾” Hook & ¾” Loop
Wrights® 3/16” Cording – Black – 1 yd.
Kandicorp® – Various colors of crystals
Beacon Adhesives™ Fabri-Tac™ & Gem-Tac™
EK Success Fastenater®
Barcelona Copper Staples – EKFS0202


  • Cut out butterfly and flowers from fabric and coat back with Mod Podge® using the sponge brush. Let dry completely.
  • Divide Multi-Purpose Cloth™ into thirds. Use template for edge of purse flap to color edge with Yellow Light using stencil brush with small amount of color. Use second stencil brush to apply streaks of blue through the yellow. (Or use color of choice.) Use stencil tape on edge of sides of purse and apply color in same manner. Remove tape immediately and let dry.
  • Apply butterfly on front flap of purse and flowers randomly on same side of Multi-Purpose Cloth™ in the middle third area. Apply with Mod Podge® on back and then apply over the top of the fabric extending over the edges to secure. Let dry completely.
  • Use stencil to position words where desired. Tape off other elements around each word with stencil tape. Apply scant amount of paint with stencil brush. Let dry.
  • Apply crystals with Gem-Tac™ following manufacturers directions and let dry.
  • Use Gel Roller Pentel® Pen for outlining butterfly and flowers.
  • Apply Fabri-Tac™ to sides of purse starting at 16” from bottom of purse. Fold up 8” from bottom and press together to form body of purse. Hold in place with paperclips (or weights) until dry.
  • Apply cording with Fastenater® tool and staples. Apply Loop to body of purse where needed to secure flap. Attach Hook to Loop and detach backing. Press flap on adhesive side of Hook making sure flap is aligned properly with sides of purse.
  • Enjoy your creation.
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