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Nursery Lamp Instructions


Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™ – White (Size will depend upon the size of your
lampshade. Make pattern first and then determine amount needed.)
* CD-ROM image of your choice (specific image shown listed below)
** High quality iron-on transfer of your choice (specific product shown listed below)
Buttons for decoration
Decorative thread for buttons
Fabric glue
Decorative cord for the top of the shade
Razor blade
Fabric glue
Newspaper or large sheet of craft paper to make pattern
Rotary cutter
Quilters ruler


First it is necessary to make the pattern. Lay out the newspaper or craft paper and put the shade on its side where there’s a seam. Trace the top and bottom of the shade and then roll it forward and keep tracing the top and bottom until you get around again to the seam where you started. Cut out the top traced line. Add ½” to each of the side ends and cut them out. DO NOT CUT THE BOTTOM EDGE! Place the pattern over the lampshade to make sure that it is going to be wide enough to overlap at the sides. Make adjustments if necessary. Cut a 2” diameter circle out of the newspaper or craft paper. Cut this circle in half. Use one half as your pattern for the scallops at the bottom of the shade. Beginning at one side, line the straight edge of the half circle with the bottom edge of the shade. Trace the “scallop.” Put the half circle directly next to the one you just traced and trace it again. Keep tracing the half circle as you go all the way around the shade.
Cut out the bottom edge of the pattern. Lay this pattern on a piece of Multi-Purpose Cloth™ and cut it out. Place the cloth over the shade and check once more for fit. The ends should overlap about ½”. Remove from the shade and stitch the overlapped ends together using a zig zag stitch. Check the fit again!

Remove the old shade from the metal frame. Depending upon what kind of frame is underneath, you may end up with 2 separate circles or rectangles or you may be lucky enough to have a shade that has supports and stays in one piece! Insert the frame(s) into the cloth shade. Use the fabric glue to glue the frame to the shade on the inside. Allow the glue to dry. Use the razor blade to trim the top of the shade even with the top support frame.


Print the image(s) onto the iron-on transfer following manufacturer’s instructions. Use only one sheet in the printer at a time for best results. Cut image(s) out. (We used 4 different images)


Remove the paper backing from the transfer. Center the image on lamp shade. Fuse the image following manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to use the parchment paper manufacturer recommends when pressing the transfer in place.


Use the fabric glue to glue the decorative cord to the top of the shade. Thread the buttons with decorative thread so that it looks like they have been sewn. Glue the buttons to the scallops as you like.


If you do not want to use images, consider decorating the lamp shade with machine embroidery, appliqué or stamp a design with acrylic paint and rubber stamps!

* Click-n-Craft® Little Ones CD-ROM Image from the Vintage Workshop®
** Click-n-Craft® Iron-On-Transfer II from the Vintage Workshop®

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