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Painted Tote Bag Instructions


Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™ – White
2 – 14 ½”h x 20 ½”w for front and back
1 – 10 ½” square for bottom
2 – 20” x 2” for handles
Acrylic craft paint
Clear acrylic spray paint – non-yellowing
Paint brushes
Rotary cutter
Quilters ruler


Place a small mark in the center of each side of the bottom piece. Also place a small mark on the bottom edge of the front and back to mark the center. Stitch the front to the back along the sides using a ¼” seam allowance. Match center marks on the bottom piece with the seams and center marks on the bag. Stitch one bottom side to the bag, beginning and ending ¼” from the bottom corner. Use a ¼” seam allowance. Repeat this process on the side exactly opposite of the one you just did. Stitch the third and fourth sides in the same manner. Turn the top of the bag down 1 ¼” toward the inside and press. Fold the straps in half lengthwise. Stitch close to the long raw edges. On the inside of the bag, measure in 5” from each bag side seam at the top and place a mark. Center the strap ends on this mark, keeping the short edge of each strap even with the raw edge of the turned down top. Baste in place. Turn the bag right side out. Topstitch 1” down from the top of the bag all the way around to secure the straps and the turned down top edge. Topstitch again ¼” away from the top edge of the bag.


Decide on a design for the bag. Use a good quality acrylic craft paint to paint the design on the bag. Finish it off by spraying with a clear, acrylic gloss paint to help keep the bag clean and to protect the paint.


If you are not a painter, consider decorating the bag with machine embroidery, applique or stamping a design with acrylic paint and rubber stamps!

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