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Picnic Napkin Holder Instructions


Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™ – White 1 – 21” square
Decorative thread
Oilcloth for embellishing
Water based craft paint
Small paint brush
Clear acrylic spray paint – non-yellowing
Fabric glue
14” square napkins
Rotary cutter
Quilters ruler


Place the cloth on a table in front of you. Cut a 3 ¼” square out of each of the 4 corners of the 21” square. Discard these small squares. FYI: all seams are exposed on the right side for this project. Fold down one side 3 ¼” toward the center. Stitch close to the fold. Repeat with the other 3 sides, making sure to fold them all to the center on the same side. Pinch the corner fabric together and stitch close to the edge. This will make your corner. Repeat with the other 3 corners.


Mix water based craft paint with a few drops of water. Paint all surfaces of the napkin holder. Allow to dry. Spray with clear acrylic paint to seal. Allow to dry. Cut various fruits or other objects that you wish to use from oilcloth. Using the fabric glue, glue objects in place on the front of the holder in a pleasing arrangement.


Fabric appliqué is another technique that can be used to embellish this napkin holder. Cut objects from fabric and place on holder. Secure by using a satin stitch all around.
Holder can also be decorated with machine embroidery or stamped with rubber stamps and acrylic paint.

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