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Picnic Silverware Holder Instructions


Roc-lon® Multi-Purpose Cloth™ – White 1 – 22”h x 15”w piece
Oilcloth for embellishing
Decorative thread
1” button for embellishing
1 White Velcro® circle closure
Fabric glue
Rotary cutter
Quilters ruler


Place cloth on a table in front of you. Fold up the bottom 7” to form the pocket. Using decorative thread, machine satin stitch just inside both side edges to secure the pocket. Add two vertical rows of satin stitch to divide the pocket evenly into three compartments. Fold the top of the holder down over the pockets, keeping the end of the flap about 1 ½” above the bottom of the pockets. Stitch, using a decorative satin stitch, about ½” down from the top fold of the holder to secure. (Use photo as a guide) Stitch, using a decorative satin stitch along the bottom edge of the flap.


Glue a button to the center of the flap. Use fabric glue to secure the Velcro® circle closure to the under side of the button. Glue the other piece of the Velcro® circle to the middle pocket. Allow to dry completely before using. Cut various fruits or other objects that you wish to use from oilcloth. Using the fabric glue, glue objects in place on the front of the bag in a pleasing arrangement. You may also want to embellish the pockets on the inside.


Fabric appliqué is another technique that can be used to embellish this silverware holder. Cut objects from fabric and place on holder. Secure by using a satin stitch all around.
Holder can also be decorated with machine embroidery, appliqué or stamped with rubber stamps and acrylic paint.

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