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Rockland Building

“Quality is the Nature of Our Business”

If there is one word that defines Rockland, it’s “quality”. The word is emblazoned on the buildings in which we produce our fabrics. Rockland believes that the word ‘quality’ covers two important aspects; the quality of the finished fabric and the quality of the ingredients that go into making it.

From providing testimony to the US government about the dangers of formaldehyde to lending advice for the specifications for the NFPA 701 flame resistance test, Rockland has always been at the forefront of quality and safety in the manufacturing of its products.

In its Bamberg facilities, Rockland has a state-of-the art laboratory which performs testing of blackout properties, durability, cleanability, flame resistance, chemical content, color match and other industry and product specific tests on raw material, chemicals and finished products.

All of these and more highlight Rockland’s mission to produce the best quality blackout in the world. It’s why Roc-lon® blackout is asked for by name.

At Rockland, it’s not just a slogan…quality is the nature of our business.

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